About Us

The Thinking Girl’s Travel Essential 

New luxury slow fashion...  hand batiked  Pure Silk sarongs are the thinking girls travel essential. Established 10 years ago, 
Ollie Burwell, based in the UK are making their hand printed pure silk sustainable sarongs available to the savvy traveler, as they can be worn in a myriad of ways, from a winter scarf to a summer dress, each one has been individually printed by hand.

Amanda Burwell, Ollie Burwell

"I absolutely believe that every women deserves to spoil herself regularly. And with our fabulous collection of beautiful, hand crafted silk sarongs, you can afford to drape yourself in pure luxury everyday."

Brand Owner

Amanda Burwell, MD  explains the concept behind their new brand Ollie Burwell:

“By combining exquisite hand batiked prints with gorgeous natural fabrics our sarongs, take the wearer effortlessly from beach to bar to dinner and back again. But don’t just save them for the beach, we suggest a multitude of ways these stunning “one size fits all” sarongs can twist and knot to create, sexy, elegant dresses, casual and fun skirts, tops and beautiful pashminas and shawls with the sarong buckle provided.”

Brand Story

“While sourcing for new products for Ollie Burwell, I fell in love with the traditional printing method of hand batiking whilst watching local artisans. They were creating stunning works of art on beautiful natural fabrics and I realised wanted to incorporate them into my next beachwear collection. I knew immediately that a luxury sarong would show off the beauty of the stunning craft to the full.”

Batiking is an incredibly complex craft, and a quality print can only be produced by skilled artists. The company’s sarongs are batiked in small batches, by the same group of artisans who pass their unique skills and designs down through generations, over hundreds of years.

“I decided to take my love of hand batiking, passion for natural fabrics and desire to create luxury beachwear for women like me, and create the unique collection of stunning sarongs for Ollie burwell you see today.”

Product Range

Lightweight and supplied with a stylish sarong buckle and bag, these luxury sarongs are quick and easy to wash, small enough to tuck away in a suitcase or day bag, and stunning enough to be a central piece in anyone’s capsule holiday wardrobe. Taking you from beach to bar, bar to dinner and dancing in the moonlight!

The Story So Far

Amanda intends to take Ollie Burwell brand from strength to strength, and already have big plans for global market growth.

“In our first year we have established a regular repeat wholesale customer database including some of the most exotic boutiques and hotels in the Caribbean such as The Galley Boutique in English Harbour, as well as the stunning Hermitage Hotel in Antigua, Anna’s Gallery in the The Turks and Caicos, The BVI Private Island Resort, and Pennnies in Port Louis in Grenada, Barbados and St Lucia. We also supply Super Yachts with their own branded luxury sarongs in the softest of cotton or silk which are perfect for guests to use. They make fabulous gifts and can be worn by any age and any size, and in so many different ways, there is one to suit you, we are now looking forward to introducing the rest of the world to The Luxury Sarong Boutique.”