How to wear your Luxury Sarong in a variety of ways to suit you

The Luxury Sarong Boutique sarongs

There are numerous ways to wear your Luxury sarong, and they can make any one look and feel beautiful. As our colours are so stunning, they lift and rejuvenate, enhance and elaborate on any age, skin colour and size, its all about how you wear it. Silk as we know, is sensuous, luxurious and chic, so we have made some videos on our website, to give you ideas of how to wear your sarong to suit you. Each sarong comes with a mother of pearl buckle to help fasten or secure it, and a booklet illustrating the various ways to tie it. Your beautiful, soft, sensual sarong can be worn as a dress, wrap shirt, skirt, halter neck bandeau style, luxury scarf or a beautiful shawl to a dinner / wedding event. You choose and we will help you look beautiful. Colour is the best accessory you can have. (we think!!)

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