How to wear your sarong and other useful tips .......

How do I wear a sarong??

Anyway you like, choose a way that you feel comfortable wearing your sarong.. we send out a complimentary how to wear booklet fully illustrated to give you ideas, but it is very much personal taste.

Will it fit me ??

All our sarongs are 1.8 meters. wide so 71" wide. with more than enough fabric to tie and elegant bow in the front.

How do I wash  a silk sarong??

hand wash in warm water, or machine wash on a quick gentle wash at 30,

and hang to dry over towel rail or on a line ( it dries in no time)

for the soft voile sarongs machine wash at 30' or hand wash  and let air dry on a rail or line  or warm tumble dryer for 10 minutes.

 How do I iron it?

We use the iron on  the steam dial  and generally a quick  iron over the fabric will eliminate any creases and have it hanging beautifully

Do I need a buckle ?

Only if you want to wear it as a dress, or wanting to hide the fabric if wearing it banded style tied around the bust.


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